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West Hartford Youth Field Hockey
Code of Conduct
Field Hockey should be fun for players, coaches and parents.
West Hartford Youth Field Hockey firmly believes that girls should be allowed to develop a love for the game of field hockey while also learning the value of sportsmanship.
West Hartford Youth Field Hockey also firmly believes that young athletes learn valuable lessons by watching the behaviors and attitudes of the adults who supervise their activities.
To enable the children who wish to play field hockey to have a positive experience, learn to play and love the game, and to nurture within them a sense of respect for others, West Hartford Youth Field Hockey would like to offer some guidelines for coaches, players and parents.  Please read the following and discuss with your child.  Registering for West Hartford Youth Field Hockey implies that you and your child agree to abide by the Code of Conduct outlined below.
 Coaches and Participating Parents

·   The top priority is the teaching of the game of field hockey, not a team's won/lost record.  Coaches should strive to improve the level of skill of each and every player.  Success should be measured in improvements rather than game wins.

·    Players are to be encouraged with positive reinforcement. At the end of the season, we want the players asking for more and eagerly anticipating next year's season.

·    Referees are to be respected and supported.

·    You will do your best to ensure that everybody plays an equal number of minutes per game, provided that attendance at practices has occured.  You will strive to provide players with the experience of playing different positons on the field. Playing different positions creates a better rounded, more valuable player for the future.

·    Obscene language and gestures will not be tolerated.


Non-Coaching Parents and Spectators
·    Players will be delivered to the field on time and with all of their necessary equipment, especially a mouthguard.
·    Players will be positively supported and encouraged.
·    Coaches will be positively supported and encouraged.
·    Referees will be positively supported and encouraged.
·    Any concerns about how the league is run, coaches are coaching, or referees are officiating, should be referred to the Head Coach first, and if not satisfied, then one of the League Directors should be contacted.
·    Take a little time to discuss with your daughter(s) the guidelines for players that are listed below.
·    Attendance is taken and poor attendance will be reflected in playing time.
·    Players should arrive at least 20 minutes before a game. Players should arrive at the field on time and fully equipped.
·    Players should understand that field hockey is a team game, and they should strive to be "team players."
·    Coaches and referees are volunteering their time for your benefit and should be respected.
·    Sportsmanlike conduct will be expected at all times. Maintain respect for both your teammates and your opponents.
·    Obscene language and gestures will not be tolerated.